Buxr Introduction

templatepanic webdevelopment introducing a shopping deal websiteThis is a website about shopping deal, or I prefer to call it a shopping deal community. Buxr.com is a place where you can submit your item and find a good deal among the members. The cool thing about this redesigned layout of this website is that you can customize the layout as you need. There are some panels of different information that can be moved, removed or change as you want.

By default there is information like the latest hot deals, active discussions that help us to know what is hot in the discussion currently, top contributors and how much they earned this month, expiring deals, and site updates which is very important to know the latest news from Buxr blog.

You can browse the deal and customize as you want as well. Sort the deals by recency or activity or hide the expiring deals. Browse by store is also available for you who need that. In Buxr there is a good community where the member can share their opinions about the deals. It is a cool crowd that you should be joining.

The most exciting thing in this website is the contests part. This is the exciting way from Buxr where we can earn cash by doing the activity in this community. To learn more you can go directly to the website and watch the tour video.

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