Becoming a Netpreneur

In my last posting, I was talking about the history of TemplatePanic. In the early time, TemplatePanic was dedicated to provide free blog templates for its audience to download. As it is growing, so many developments have been made. We decided to start opening our mini store, selling a package of templates.

I don’t know is there is a word netpreneur in the dictionary. That is the way I call it, an interpreneur whose business is on internet.

So, how to become a successful netpreneur? There are many ways to build a business on internet. Here are the list of three of them I can think of.

Selling Your Own Products
I am sure everybody has talents to do something. You can start to think what you can sell from your expertise. There will be something that you know or you can do that a lot of people don’t know or even looking for that. It might be your hobby, your interests, or information you have. Start to process, improve and develop them and find the way to sell them.

Selling Other’s Product
You need to have vendors or affiliate to sell other people’s products. Join merchant’s program, get visitors and offer the product. You can also buy products with resale right and sell them.

Provide an Online Service
If you don’t have product or don’t want to sell other’s product you can also sell information or services. There are so many innovations in internet era that enable us to do a lot of things. You only need to search for ideas what services or information you want to provide.

Do search in the internet for online stores and services. The more you see, the more ideas you will get. “New Version of”: is the good example of this. It is good to manage your internet business professionally.