TemplatePanic's Mac Book

If you have known TemplatePanic for quite some time, maybe you ever wonder what is behind the TemplatePanic website. Hopefully this article can give you a little picture about us, and I hope by knowing us more, you will love us more.

TemplatePanic was born on June 15th, 2006. That was the creation of the domain. Since the beginning this has been belong to us, I am Teddy and my wife Effi, a newly married couple who want to start to have a business on internet. We were struggling that time, searching for possible ideas to realize our dreams.

We were still using an old PC, working in one room, my bedroom, with a very limited internet connection. It is fun to recall and share the old time memory, how we worked together building our online business, while I was also still work on another job. It was a hard time, yet the happiest time in my life.

TemplatePanic now is still developed by two of us, but now we have four computers online with an unlimited internet access. Just few months ago we bought our fourth computer, which is a mac book. Yes, we love mac computers especially my wife, Effi.

After joining mac forums for quite a while, get to know better about mac, finally we decided to buy it on January (three months ago). We decided to buy a brand new mac book instead of “used mac”:http://www.dvwarehouse.com.

This new mac computer brings new atmosphere and excitement in our work. Viva TemplatePanic!

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