Choosing Bar Stools

Even though now my field is a web designer, by education background is architecture. I graduated from architecture department and worked as an architect, but the longest time and the most interesting experience I had was when I worked as an interior designer. One of the favorite projects I had was designing a pub.

This pub was located in a famous hotel. The stage was small and cozy. Near the stage there was a bar equipped with Quality Bar Stools around it.

Designing a bar stool might be challenging if you work as an interior designer. Bar stools for interior design should accentuate the style of the design. It cannot be picked randomly to match with the theme.

Even though some people may be associated bar stools with restaurants, pubs or café, you can find them in many houses. Instead of having normal chairs and table which surely take up more space. I also recommended it for few houses I designed, especially for newly married couple with a small house, who like to design their interior with a modern design and efficient space.

Bar stools now come with various fashions and models. When you are choosing a barstool, try not to scrimp on comfort. This is a common mistake in choosing bar stools. Leather seats may be more comfortable, but it might be doesn’t work with your theme.

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