Computer Skill is an Asset

templatepanic computer learningToday, computer is a must gadget in every house, although maybe not everyone has internet connection, computer these days is like an important need for everyone. In present day, the children at school already get a computer lesson at school. This advancing technology causes a new tendency that everyone should be able to use computer. It is already becoming that people who don’t know about computer or can not use find a difficulty in getting a good job in competing with people who can.

While computer skill is very important for people these days, at least the ability to use common office software like Microsoft Office and basic file management or operating system. I am considered lucky because I like to learn computer and use it as much as possible to help my works. I had my fist computer class when I was in junior high school. Not all of the students had the opportunity to get it because the number of computer as the school facility was limited, so there are only about half of the class can join and get the computer lesson, while the other had electronic class.

Having a computer skill now is different with it was before. Now there are plenty of different field in computer itself and it also requires specialties.

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