Monitoring Ping

templatepanic website monitoringAs a webmaster or someone who work in e-commerce business, you might experience with server down time. Actually no web hosting can guarantee for 100% uptime. That means 365 days a year and 24 hours a day without down time. Most of reasonable web hosting offer only 99% uptime guarantee. Uptime is very important for a server. Actually for a big IT company, down time can causes a big loss. A statistic says that approximately the average uptime of servers in the worldwide is 99.41%. It means that every year each site may be down as much as 52 hours.

Each server has downtime percentage as it is said in the guarantee. Each has a number of percentages and nobody can complain about that, but what we can do is monitoring the site. There is a service of ping monitoring that you can use. If someone or a company knows how importance is the downtime of a server they use, this service is essential for a company. A website, especially for business should be monitored because downtime is expensive, downtime destroys company’s credibility, and downtime also wastes your time. Website downtime reduces your online credibility. Whether you have a simple website, ecommerce site, or slick web 2.0 online applications Рdowntime is toxic.

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