Rome Panorama Header Image

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Among all hotel website, there is one that I really like the design. This is the screenshot of the website. It’s about Rome hotels. This site is really a commercial site which is selling hotel rooms, apartments and Rome Tours and Shore Excursions. The template is considered simple but very organized.

I like the color theme which is a combination of black and red-orange. It makes the appearance bright but yet strong and bold. There is a texture for its background like an old textured wall. Talking about Rome that has many extraordinary artistic ancient buildings it brings that feeling to this web template. This web template is not made by me, but for me, a template maker, this template gives me inspiration to make the similar template like this.

rome panorama header image
Right now, I already have a panorama photo of Rome from i2i production. This panorama Photo of Rome was taken 8 frames and combined as a montage. The result is incredible panorama photo of Rome.

I’m using this to make a header image for alternative website header for this Rome hotels website. It is in size 950 pixels length, I made it according to the original website, but I made it 250 pixels height. You can use it as well as you like, crop it as necessary and I hope you enjoy it as you enjoy the panorama as well.