About Spyware and Adware

The battle against spyware and adware never ends. New threats seem to be coming everyday. It is almost impossible to track all those threats. To prevent your computer from danger of course you need to use “spyware removal tool”:http://www.exterminate-it.com/. Most of you actually don’t want to install these kinds of program in our computer, but it is more dangerous if we don’t have this software installed.

This is just a brief introduction about spyware and adware for you to know. Spyware, like the name it is spying you as you surf the internet. It analyses where you go, when you get there and what you are doing there. This information is gathered for advertiser’s promotional purpose. This information can be used to bombard you with advertisements that might force you to swipe your credit card.

Adware is usually a plain irritating ad like flashing banners, pop ups, toolbars and many other kinds. Adware sometime can cause conflicts in the computer system and slow the system. Adware programs usually come asa package together with a freeware program. When you install the software it also installed automatically. The author of the free software might give away the software for free, but he still receives a profit from the ads.

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