Customer Satisfaction by Survey

With its growing from time to time, now TemplatePanic not only provide free services like free download wordpress themes, blogspot templates and information about blogging. If you notice, it has been two months now we open up a small store. We sell a package of wordpress themes. We try to make it as cheap as possible so it is still affordable for even a newbie.

Although the store is still small, for us customer satisfaction is important. If I may state from what I know from Balanced Scorecard Institute, “Recent management philosophy has shown an increasing realization of the importance of customer focus and customer satisfaction in any business. These are leading indicators: if customers are not satisfied, they will eventually find other suppliers that will meet their needs. Poor performance from the this [customer satisfaction] perspective is thus a leading indicator of future decline, even though the current financial picture may look good”

How can we measure the customer satisfaction?

The best way to measure our customer satisfaction is by allowing the customers to give feedback. The feedback from the customers can be done also by doing “customer surveys”: By doing this we can know our customer satisfaction and customer loyalty score. The next thing which is also important is whether the customer would like to recommend the product to a friend.

Hoping you the best for your business, and please also if you are one of TemplatePanic customers, send your feedback through our comment form.

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