Having Fun with Spock

Have you ever heard about people search engine? Here it is. This time TemplatePanic come with fun article, a search engine which specialized for searching people in the internet. “Spock- the best for people search”:http://www.spock.com. Spock.com is a free people and information search engine that is similar to Google and Wikipedia in that it takes information on people from all across the Web and organizes it in an easy to search format.

People search in the internet nowadays has become a very high demand. From what I know, I have never heard about search engine which provide the service specific for people search. From what I know people usually search for a people through the community websites like friendster, myspace, mybloglog, or any other websites which provide a membership community.

What is the general purpose of people search engine? Here are the possible purposes of doing the people search.
Find a lost love in the past.
Finding an old classmate,
or just a curiosity to find someone in the internet.

When the first time I know this Spock search engine, I try to submit many names. I submit several names of my friend and got very impressive results. This search engine doesn’t only use name as keyword but you can also use taglines, email addresses or other related keywords to search a person.

The funny thing happen when I submit my name, Teddy Siswanto, a list of results came up. Even though my search ‘teddy siswanto’ did not match any results on Spock, there are additional results from the web. Some of the result listed was my personal websites, but some of them are very funny. Look at what I found below.

Teddy Siswanto 33 years old
Tags: linked to a bombing that occurred
A 33-year-old homeless man, Siswanto, confessed to killing 10 boys over an 18-month … According to court documents Unasuspect Teddy K. has been linked to a bombing that occurred …

Teddy Siswanto
Tags: Serial killer, mother
… Serial killer and mother of eight Rosemary West has been … the prosecutor’s evidence a new motion filed by Teddy K’s … Sartono of the Central Jakarta State Court said Siswanto’s …

It is quite a fun search engine!

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