Why You Need Press Release

press release trategy from templatepanicYou are an internet marketer and you just launched a new website, trying to sell something. Definitely in order to make sales you need to make a promotion. There are a lot of promotion strategies out there and using press release is one of the most effective strategies.

Why use press release as a promotion strategy? Here are the reasons. Press release is an article that published in the article directory websites. Anyone can copy press release articles from there and use them as content for their websites. When someone take this article and republish them, he must keep the link alive. This is the advantage of the press release author. Getting back links from many different websites.

Press release is publicity. Through the article people will know about the product we launched and they could become customer. Press release also increase SEO ranking. By getting linked by many different websites, it will make a natural SEO which is very good for getting visitors and sales.

In order to do this strategy, you can get help from a site called Press-Release-Software.com. This site provides software that helps you in making and publishing your press release article. There is a free offer but it is extremely limited and may be pulled at any time. Grab your copy while it lasts.