templatepanic personalized jewelryThinking about buying a great gift for a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, or when you propose someone you love, or just for a special date? Consider to buy accessories from designer or a personalized jewelry. Talking about fashion designer that recently has a great pamor, Melody Eshani is one of the names that pops up in my mind.

Melody Ehsani is famous for accessories she wears. She is a kind of a big deal. In the United States people know her by her outrageous accessories and this collection has seen the designer give shoes a whirl too. Los Angeles-based designer Melody Ehsani creates eye catching shoes and accessories and have already garnered an A-list celebrity fanbase like Rihanna, Ciara, Alicia Keys, Kelis, Keri Hilson, Erykah Badu and Angela Simmons to name a few. Her accessories and shoes are bold, flashy and makes a statement, definitely some dope pieces.

Besides buying accessories from designer like Melody Ehsani, here is also tip of buying jewelry. When buying jewelry, the personalized one is more recommended. Beside it has a different excitement on wearing, it is also bring a feeling of special and loved to the one if you buy that for a present. One more thing about personalized jewelry if you want to buy gold or silver one, buy the original one, not gold or silver plated.