How You Take Care of Your Parents

If you have a family who is getting old already, what will you do to show your love to him/her? Sending them to a “nursing home”: or just take care of them by your self? This is sometime a dilemma for some of us.

Well, for us Asian, usually taking care of parents at home is the way for us to show respect and dedication to our parents. Sending them to old folks home is sometime an abandon for them.

It is quite interesting when I did a survey, and I found that there is a lot of good facility for old people and actually they enjoy living there. Many of home care facility is run professionally.

It is necessary to choose the right nursing home to your loved ones. Here is something you need to think about in order to select the home care facility.

Check the community, check the living conditions, check the facility (laundry service, bathroom sanitation, kitchen service, bedroom condition, leisure and entertainment, transportation service etc.), Meet with the staff of the nursing home, and don’t forget to ask the opinion of your loved one about it and it is a must to let them decide where they want to live.

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