Personal Blog Just for Fun

Recently I just checked my ‘who is’ on my TemplatePanic domain. This domain creation date is 2006-06-15 It has been almost two years since I decided to make TemplatePanic. It is indeed I made this blog to get revenue by monetize it, so I had worked on it.

But there was a time when I feel tired and so stressful of my works. Especially with PHP codes in my blog template I am doing. That will be a time when we get out of our daily routine and take a break. That was the time when my TemplatePanic function as its second role, a place to put my sharing of experiences, feelings, thoughts, ideas even funny or silly things around me.

Well, it is true may be some of my readers are not interested in knowing about my personal life, for may be they are only looking for a free blog template to download šŸ™‚

I did try to use another blog which is more personal and talks more about me, a blog which is more like diary than a monetized blog. There are many blog platform you can choose available. You can use Blogspot, WordPress, MySpace, “Thoughts”: and even Friendster!

So, this is what I do, and I believe you should too! Beside doing your business blog, make your personal blog to make your life more fun.