Planning to Sell Online Product

Almost two years developing TemplatePanic blog, I feel like I have to make innovation every time. As a famous quotation “If you stop making improvement, it means you are decreasing”. Following this, I am trying to make a development in my TemplatePanic blog.

After a while serving the readers by providing free blog templates, now I am thinking to make an online store. I began to do research to find the most suitable shopping cart software for my TemplatePanic online store.

Although I haven’t decided which “shopping cart software”: I am going to use, I came with the conclusion that good shopping cart software must have this kind of criteria:

The first one is dynamic operation. Creating dynamic order forms as the order takes place. It also should do a calculating for the check out process.

Number two is usability. It should show images of the product for the customer and let them choose what they want to see. It should also have a search form by keywords or product name and also display the color, size and quantity.

The other thing you need to consider is Stand-Alone or Hosted Shopping Carts. Both of them has its advantage and disadvantages. Whichever you choose you should be aware and make sure that it is the best for your business.