Watch Out of Replica Watches

website that sale replica watchesThis is my own experience about replica watches. It happened few years ago when replica watches still rare. I was going out with some friends for having dinner at a street where there were a lot of nice restaurant. That street was a pretty crowded area with many nice restaurants there. When we parked our car, someone was approaching me and show me Tag Heuer watch. He told me that he just got that genuine Tag Heuer watch from a rich boy who left his watch in the restaurant’s washbasin.

Then he told me again that in the mall next there, the same watch cost about US $500. Because this person got that from stealing, he wanted to sell it to me only for US $50. It was only for buying drinks for him and his friends, he said.

I was not a person who likes to wear watch, beside that I don’t want to spend $500 just for a Tag Heuer watch. It looks like he got to the wrong person. I refused him without listening to his next offers.

On my way home I told my friend about my experience and he said, he might have bought it if it was true. For me, it was obvious that what he offered was only a replica. Now there are many replica watches being sold everywhere. You can get a Tag Heuer only for $3.

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