Understanding Download Manager

For those of you, internet users who like to download huge files from internet are mostly know about what called Download Manager. Download Manager is a facility to manage files downloading from the internet. Usually it has various of purposes.

Download manager has ability to resume download, limit download capacity, browse ability to download specific content.

Some of famous download manager sofwtwares are NetAnts, GoZilla, Mass Downloader, flashGet, Alligator, GetRight, Download Accelerator Plus, and many others.

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Other features Download Manager software might have that you need to consider using are as follows:

If a download is broken due to browser crash, electricity shut down, or lost connection, a download manager will resume where the process was interrupted.

Allows you to drag and drop download links to a floating icon.

Permits viewing of partially downloaded video files.

Can be programmed to begin when the PC is not in use and shut down on completion.

Beside that, a download manager software should be free, easy to use and has no spyware or adware.

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