How To Change The Blogger Template

Important! Backup your current template before change it to the new one. How to do: select all (Ctrl+A) and copy (Ctrl+V), then paste it (Ctrl+V) into Notepad. Save. This are the steps to change the Blogger template.

  1. Download the new template.
  2. Extract the .zip or .rar file using a program like “winzip”:
  3. Open the html file. You can use Notepad to open it.
  4. Upload the images files to a free webhosting. I prefer “photobucket”: to host my images. Just follow the easy steps to register, login, and upload your images there.
  5. Go to your Blogger account dashboard.
  6. Click on the icon under ‘Change Settings’. Click on ‘Template’.
  7. Copy (Ctrl+C) your new template’s code that already open in Notepad, and paste (CTRL+V) to the Template area.
  8. Change the images name in your new template with the new url of your images.
  9. Click on Save Template Changes.
  10. Republish.

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