Independent Consultant's Directory

When you’re looking for an independent consultant local to your area you can visit a new website branded the Independent Consultant’s Directory.

This website launched October 2008 and features a directory of almost every popular Independent distibutorship opportunity available. Looking for a Tupperware Consultant? Just enter in your zip code at the SEARCH text box and every single distributor for you area will be in the results. It’s a one-stop shop for your Independent consultant searches.

A popular company listed in the Independent Consultant’s Directory is Tupperware. Tupperware is sold through a party environment where there are personal sales as well as Internet re-orders. The host receives compensation for the Tupperware Party and this is the main distribution method of Tupperware for over 50 years. It’s one of the Tupperware Consultants who organizes the Tupperware Party and the Tupperware Host invites their friends, family, and neighbors for the landmark event. Everyone benefits in this arrangement from the Tupperware host, to the consultant, to the consumer receiving the goods. Tupperware has a long-lasting commitment to quality.

Scentsy is a fast-mover in the direct sales category. They now have a Scentsy consultants directory where you can list your Scentsy website. It’s free to list your website and several quick-adopters have already started listing there websites.

Scentsy had revenues exceeding $15M in October 2008 and Scentsy consultants are poised to reap the benefits of an early-adopter opportunity. Some consultants are only 6 months old and have reached the rank of Scentsy Director with 30% commissions.

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