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templatepanic web design for branded name

Designing a web for a famous brand might be interesting, yet a big challenge. I like to join web design competition held by famous branded companies.

This time I want to discuss about this interesting website, the website with keywords BOSS FRAGRANCES.

As you can see in the screenshot, its front page is very simple. If you see the navigation is simple too, it has a very plain menu without any complicated ornaments. It has no ‘Mystery Meat Navigation’, like what Vincent Flanders said which means the site which navigations are so obscure and difficult to process that users cannot identify them at all.

Fonts of this website are also formal. Even though this web is using flash animation and all the fonts are converted to curves, it is still consistent using formal type of fonts. This is also recommended for you when designing a branded name. The fonts with high scale compatibility are Verdana, Tahoma, Arial, Helvetica and Courier. Make sure you use these fonts as possible to keep the compatibility on many different operating systems and browsers.

This is only a simple opinion about the graphic design and web design of the HUGO BOSS perfume website. For more tips, tricks and tutorials about web design and blog templates, you can find out more in TemplatePanic.

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