TemplatePanic Tips about Debt Collecting

In doing business often time the customers owe you money. Even though it is a responsibility to pay, not all the customers always pay the debt in time. When I was doing business, often time this happen and it is hard not to feel angry. We always want to try any possible way in order to get the money back.

Despite of all that there is a law that protect the customers from harassment and intimidation in debt collecting. Here are some legal practices that I think is best in Debt Collection.

Never tell anybody about your customer’s debt except to the related bureaus, agencies or debt collector agency.

Telephone calls repeatedly, especially outside working hours are annoying. It is not a wise way to ask for the payment that way. Any calls that misrepresenting yourself in order to speak with someone you want to speak to is also not recommended.

Never send postcards, greeting cards or envelope that mention about the debt.

No threats to take actions you cannot or will not really take, such as seizing property, in the case of an unsecured debt.

No paying down the debt with payments the customer has directed applied to other debts.

If the debt is in a large amount and you think it is a serious matter, the best way is to ask help from legal agency as a third party. It is a good way to give the job to them because as an agency they have their professional method to get the money back. Remember that the money at your customer is your profit. Try to look at it differently.

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