Technical Drawing for Background

header for your blog template about spring compressor

Recently, I was asked by a client for a blog template design. The company is distributing power tools for vehicles and also carpentry. Here is the rough idea making a header for a blog about tools and machinery. Using technical drawing as a background for your main images can give a certain impression. It makes your design looks technical.

One of my favorite items now is Spring Compressor. They work efficiently on all automobiles, tractor, trucks and motors. After removal of collects, pantograph-type levers ensure a consistent coaxial contact with the valve. These tools are designed to compress and release valve springs.

Valve spring compressor fits every application if I need to compress a spring with the cylinder head removed.

The other product is Lisle 16750 Valve Spring Compressor, which makes compressing the spring and removing the keepers a simple job. It has an adjustable cam action and you don’t need to remove the cylinder head. No need to readjust the tool after each spring, and use with putting compressed air into the spark plug hole to hold up valves.

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