Teamwork in Web Design

Working as a team makes a big different. I was lately inspired by an article about the strength of a team. I think it is quite true that the word TEAM means Together Everyone Achieves More. Actually teamwork can be applied in many areas. As I evaluated my working performance regularly, I started to think about teamwork things.

Working as a web designer, template maker, coder and tester involves teamwork too. Recently I am studying other web design company about how they work. Leeds web design has a strong team in their projects. Here is what I can share a little bit about teamwork.

Team Leader
In order to organize all the team members, the leader has to give clear direction about the plan or how to get the job done. It is important that every member has to know their part and what their job responsibilities.

Team Member
Team members must have a commitment to do good things for the team. Having a plan only is not enough. Everything that has to be done should be for the team. There is no “what’s in it for me” attitude in a strong team environment.

Related to web design team, each member has a different contribution to the project. Strong team who know their ability and responsibilities is what make headland become a market leader for many years from it’s established in 1990.

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