Facing Computer Crash

Hello fellow bloggers! When I have problem with my computer, usually I try to solve the problem my self. Actually I am not an expert in hardware and software problem but I know the basic things and willing to learn about it. I have been experiencing computer problem like system halt, unable to boot or stop working. I like to build my own PC for example, mixing and matching the components according to what I want and I enjoy it. Sometime I also experience that when I tried to solve the problem, I made it even worse. My last action when I experience software crash is to bring back the system partition from image. It is proven the easiest and fastest solution, but of course you need to backup your data before doing so.

For hardware problems I always end up with replacing and upgrading the computer component with the new one, which is also the thing that I like to do. Yes, everyone likes to shop and also like to have their things upgraded right?

So what will you do when you experience the computer problem? Actually there are a lot of services out there which are available for help. PcMatix Computer Service is one of them. I put the preview of its homepage above. In terms of web design, I think he has a good template and I began to think to make a blog template based on that design 🙂