Shopping and Getting Cash Back

Recently I have been learning what I call smart shopping. Managing what you need and choose the smart way in buying things for your need. For TemplatePanic office daily needs and also house needs, I try to use credit cards as much as I can. It is interesting and I think it can save a lot of money because of its cash back program. The amount of expenses for managing our graphic design and blog template office is not that much, but if you have a business with the big amount of expenses monthly, point reward or cash back of credit card can work well.

Likely this kind of method has been developed in another area too. When I browse the internet to find a good example of good website design, I found Big Crumbs website who offer a similar service like this. This program offer cash back for everything you buy online from eBay.

The system is like this. The money or cash back comes from the merchants itself. Usually they spend money to do the advertisement. The ad doesn’t always work, but with they only pay when they make a sale. So this system seems like giving benefit to everyone.