Selecting Domain Name for SEO

Selecting a Domain Name is the very first step if you want to start building an online business. Having a proper domain name is very important because you need to build up your credibility towards your customers.

Related to SEO, there are factors that we need to think about when choosing a domain name for our business. Domain name should relate to the business. It is believed that domain name is one of the key factors to improve search engine ranking.

There are minimal three factors about our domain when the search engine robot comes to crawl on the web:

  • Web content
  • Incoming links
  • The date when the domain was created

As you see that the age of a domain affects the chance of getting a top ranking on Google, so the domain registration is the first thing you should do before anything else like content and web design, even the product.

Select your domain name base on the popularity of your company or your products. Make your keyword list related to your brand, company or product, then start creating name that match with them. If your product or brand name is more popular than your company name than you should select domain related to your product or brand name. Try to use as simple name as possible so your visitors can remember you easily.

Choose the good and reliable registrar to register your domain name.