Making Textured Backgrounds with Backdrop Designer

Textures are most commonly used for backgrounds in digital creations. If you are creating a block of graphic or text, then combining this with a suitable background can make it into more creative visualization. You can use the backdrop image to enhance your graphic design, photography, desktop template or powerpoint backgrounds. In this tutorial we will be producing a template background using backdrop designer plugin from With this plugin you can access a vast number of texture categories and the shadow presets. You can even alter the bend and distortion of the backgrounds, hue, saturation and blur.

  1. Create a new layer using layer->new->layer and name it ‘background’
  2. Choose filter -> Digital Anarchy -> Backdrop Designer to open the main filter window.
  3. Select your texture. You can choose a category from the left menu.
  4. Choose your shadow presets by click the load arrow button beside the shadow area of the screen. Click the tick icon to apply this shadow preset.
  5. You can also increase the depth of background by set bend effect.
  6. The last is, adjust the properties of both your texture and shadow in the edit menu. You can control the opacity value, brightness, contrast, level, blur to adjust the visibility of texture or shadow.

After all the steps are done, save your preset through the button with a cross on it in the top right of the screen. By doing this you can load and use it for the another projects by clicking the square button in the top right and opening the preset manager.