Tips On Buying Cymbals

So you are a drummer, and you need to choose what kind of cymbals you want. Before, you need to know what sound you are looking for. Every cymbal has a different characteristic of sound, you need to match them with your fellow band mates. Before choosing one, don’t be afraid to test it with solid drumsticks, not only tapping with your finger. A nice medium cymbal is a good start, making it easier to move up or down. Ride cymbal tend to be the ones that are relied on for the rhythm patterns, where as crashes should explode more to give a better accents. Try to look for your cymbals in different store because every store is different with the room and the salesperson, so you can get the feel how they sound. Try also to find them online like sabian cymbals at Musician’s Friend to get the best price before going to another places.