Mac Experience

It has been four month since I used Mac computer now, and it has been fun. Although I still have my PC, I enjoy using mac computer. It was quite a big decision to buy a mac computer for me at the beginning. It was because the Macintosh community here is not as big as Windows. There are only few people using mac computers.

My main purpose of buying a new computer for me is to develop my TemplatePanic website. It is like my own company that needs to grow. TemplatePanic does a lot of graphic design and photo editing. The best software for photo editing is absolutely Adobe Photoshop. Since I already have my Adobe Photoshop in my Windows XP, and the price of this software is crazy, I decided not to buy it again for my new mac computer.

The good thing about buying mac computer is it come with a free photo editing software application, iPhoto. The next good thing about it is mac game. Before I use mac I don’t know much about free mac games. Now, there are many sites in my bookmark that offer those kinda stuffs for free, and one of my favorite is chuzzle for mac.