Have Your Blog Listed by Web Directories?

Making and developing a blog is really fun. The more fun part for me personally is, knowing that the blog is indexed by search engines and getting more and more visitors. In order to get there, there are few things you need to do. One of them I want to talk about here is submitting your blog/web to web directory like Directory Box. By doing this, you are doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to your web/blog.

Finding a directory is an easy thing to do. Just search with your search engine and you can find tons of them. Choosing the good one is the other thing, so what are the criteria in choosing directories to do a submission?

Check the directory, whether it is indexed by main search engines or not. Also, check the alexa rank to get the rough measurement of the directory popularity.

Check that the directory is well maintained by the administrator. Directories with relevant grouping are very useful for getting visitors.

If the directory consists of too many empty categories, it will not be useful for visitors.

Check the domain of the directory by checking the ‘who is’ information. Also you can find the contact information in the website. The professional website always provides contact info for its audience.