About Umbrella Company

If you are not living in the United Kingdom, maybe the term “umbrella company” is unfamiliar to you. An Umbrella Company is not a company which is selling umbrella, but it is independent contractor who work under a temporary contract, usually through a specialist employment agency.

Umbrella companies have become more prevalent since the British government introduced so-called “IR35” legislation that makes it less beneficial to start your own company and relatively more attractive to join an umbrella company. In United Kingdom it self, there are a lot of umbrella company. One of them is Umbrella Supermarket, who has special offers for its members. It offers special discount which allows you to save your budget by registering any of the umbrella companies they provide.

The process is very simple:
1. Choose the umbrella company you want to look after your business.
2. Make a note of the special discount number.
3. Call the umbrella company and tell them the special discount number.

Essentially, Umbrella Companies are all governed by the Inland Revenue. This means that your earnings with one cannot be any higher than they would be with another; the only variance should be the fees that the Umbrella Company charges.

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