Finding Wedding Favor

templatepanic web template-wedding favorRecently I have a friend who is getting married in a few months. I involve in helping the preparation because my friend decides not to use EO (event organizer) service. There are a lot of things to do to prepare the wedding. Even with the limited budget and by going around from place to place, attending wedding exhibitions from time to time, finally we almost finish the list of things to do.

Finding a wedding dress and tuxedo might be the most important thing for the couple. After that, come the wedding photographer and the wedding cake.

The main things are already prepared and then we were looking for the wedding invitation. In these days, it is popular that after reception, the guess will receive small gift as souvenir. It is the time to decide what to choose. Actually looking for wedding favors is not that difficult especially with the internet. We found few sites offering wedding favors from personalized spa toiletry, picture frame, toilet bags, slippers and many others. The prices are also various from under one dollar until the exclusive ones that cost more than $30 each.

Thanks God that finally I found a site that sells a collection of green party favors. It is a scented soap that we think suitable for gift.