Start A Scentsy Candle Business

Start A Scentsy Candle BusinessStarting A Scentsy Wickless Candles business is a fun new way for you to show the Scentsy catalog to your friends and family and earn a nice supplemental income. You can even take your Scentsy business to the next level and go full-time Scentsy. While this concept is quite hard to believe, the concept of going full-time Scentsy, it’s a lot easier when you have a brand like Scentsy. Scentsy is extremely easy to sell. You won’t be upselling wax here. Scentsy sells itself. All by itself.

It doesn’t cost much to get started. Starting a Scentsy candle business is only about $99 and that includes about $200 worth of stuff.

Sign On With A Winning Team

This is an important decision. If the candle company you are signing on with is setup in a tiered downline structure then choosing your sponsor is important. You see, your sponsor is supposed to be your lifeline to success within the company. While it’s very easy to start a Scentsy candle business, choosing a WINNING Scentsy team is a whole new decision and is a bit more difficult.

If you’re hasty in your decision and join on with a team with limited business resources, you’ll find yourself at a significant disadvantage. You won’t get the specialized ‘on the job’ training like other consultants or have access to valuable business resources that help you succeed. You’ll have to make them all up on your own and virtually train yourself. Sure, there will be help areas, forums, and a manual but you’re going to need someone to not only walk you through everything, but also knows the best Scentsy selling strategies. Find a good Director or above to sign on with.

Finding The Winning Team

Trust Google. Google the company name then add the word ‘team’ to it. Who shows up? Who appears to be the most organized? The best equipped to make you successful? You can bet that the team who shows up well in Google has the resources to make you successful.

Google the company name itself. Who shows up? Those are your leaders in the game. Ask the team if they will help you get on Google, too. Position yourself for long-term recurring visitors for free through Google. However, only a few teams actually know how to make you show up.

Know Your Product

Scentsy just doesn’t sell any old candle warmer. They are very personalized, high-quality ceramic candle warmers with a customized hand-crafted look to their appearance. Make sure you represent a specialized product. Stay away from ‘everyday products’ businesses.

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