Flameless Candles Make Homes Safer

scentsy equinox smIf you’re like me, you love the great smells of the holiday season. You’ll smell cinnamon in the air, fireplaces, pine needles, as well as seasonal flora and fauna.

A lot of us turn to lighting a scented candle to get those great smells throughout your home. A scented candle is the same as a traditional candle except it’s loaded with essential oils inside its wax. When the candle is burned, the scent is released.

However, there is a danger that comes with lighting a fire-based candle product inside your home. Fire. And it’s not just a small risk, either. Candle-based fires account for 63% of all home-based fires. The unattended lit candle risk is equivalent to driving drunk every day for six-months to and from work.

You would no sooner leave a lit, wood-burning fireplace, or maybe a burning stove inside your house? So, why would you use a flame-based candle? Why would you risk such a serious and frequently occurring accident?

Well, you can finally sleep easy. There is now a new product called flameless candles and they are all the rage. They have all of the features of a regular candle, except they use a 25-watt light bulb to heat a pool of scented wax which releases the fragrance over about 80 hours.

They call these little scented candle bars have a handcrafted appearance, country styles, are artistically designed, and if you’re shopping for a moderately-priced gift for under $40, then this shopping gift is perfect for any age, gender, or style.

Flameless candles allow you to scent your home or office without the worry of burning down your home. Also, in terms of economical savings, each flameless scented candle bar costs only $5 which is about a 50% savings in comparison to a 12 oz jar candle warmer.

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