Buying Christmas Presents

Many people find that it is sometime hard to find the suitable Christmas present. What I mean by suitable is not just giving what they want (if we plan to give it to our kids, or for our beloved one) but a gift that can be useful, make them happy but still not breaking our bank account.

This is just my experience. I have three kids. They are 14, 12 and 9 years old. Since they are still kids, if I ask about what they want, it can cost too much for me as a working parent. You know kids always want the newest gadgets like MP3 players, video games, I-pod or even a laptop.

Even the presents I plan to give them are not the same because of course I will not give them all the same thing, but all of them I bought it without tearing my wallet apart. Clothes are the general thing that can mostly suitable for everybody. Wallets can be good choice too, depend on the person.

Every time I plan to buy, I always do my best to get the best deal. To buy a certain item, it is considerable to check in few different stores. If I buy it online, I always check another website that sell similar item.