ACLS Certification Online

ACLS certification onlineIf you need ACLS or PALS course, you may consider to take program from American Medical Resource Institute (AMRI) at that offer recertification in pediatric advanced life support (PALS) and advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) that is affordable and convenient. As a busy health care professionals, it is very important to maintain your knowledge proficiency and proficiency after taking the provider course. A self-paced review followed by re-examination provides you the most convenient and cost-effective method to recertify.

They can help you enroll in your PALS or ACLS courses. They offer you the complete ACLS and PALS provider education courses conducted totally online. You can take the core concepts and other important topics, and prepare to take the provider examination anytime you are ready, in your home or office. After that, you will receive ACLS or PALS card, and a continuing professional education certificate.

The examination is made up of 75 multiple-choice questions, covering core concepts of ACLS or PALS. Successful completion requires a minimum score of 84% on the written examination, and completion of the clinical skills inventory. If you are unsuccessful, you may request input from a staff and he/she will provides you assistance with remediation. When you are ready, you can repeat the exam with no additional charge.

For more info about acls certification online, please visit their website.

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