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mishimoto automotive template design
I remember long-long time ago when I was still working for an Internet Service Provider company, designing an automotive web design, the first thought in my mind about the color scheme for this company is black. It seems like the black color is suitable for automotive web template. Let’s see Mishimoto’s website for example.

The color of metal (black, white and grey) always gives a sophisticated looks for the website, and the orange color as a contrast is really beautiful choice.

Talking about Mishimoto automotive performance technology, this company has quite a good product if you have interest in automotive. It is an aluminum radiator. It is called Scion tC Radiator 2005+.

For you the users of ordinary OEM radiators, you might be interested to upgrade to an aluminum radiators because it will bring a lot better performance. Radiator is one of the most important components in the vehicle’s engine. Aluminum radiators are efficiently designed to reduce the heat from vital areas.

With the core size only 600mm x 408mm, 2 rows, 34mm inlet and outlet, 40mm core thickness and 2mm tank wall thickness, Mishimoto gives one year warranty.

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