Affiliate Marketing

Most of you who might know of have done what called affiliate marketing. Related to internet marketing, affiliate marketing is the sharing of revenue between advertisers and publishers. The advertisers give compensation to the publishers based on the sales, leads or even clicks. If you already know about affiliate marketing you might also familiar with “CPA”. CPA is abbreviation of Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition.

Many sites with an affiliate marketing program like Clickbooth Affiliate Network use this model. CPA as a payment model is an affiliate marketing where the publisher will get paid by the advertiser when the consumer do a certain action. Such actions range from inputting email address or zip codes to purchasing a product. Payouts for set actions vary accordingly.

How to Start a CPA program
First, you need to sign up for the program you want to apply. After the verification completes, usually you will be contacted by a representative to guide you for the further process.

To be an affiliate marketer, you need to focus to promote the product of the merchant. Your affiliate marketing system can be duplicated, replicated in any niche market.
Affiliate marketing, my opinion is a field that open for everyone who desire to be their own boss. It doesn’t need thousands of dollars to start. What you need is your effort.

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