The Advantages of Active Directory

Most organizations are realizing the many business benefits of having deployed Active Directory.

Active Directory simplifies the task of adding, modifying, and deleting user accounts, by creating a link between user accounts, mailbox accounts, and applications. Active Directory simplified the administrative tasks. The Active Directory stores information and settings in a central database

For example, when a user gets married and changes his/her name, a single change in Active Directory can change the user information for all applications and services. A user does not have to remember different password for the other applications. A user is also could send a message to a group or to all users. A user can look-up the group information. The administrators can assign policies, deploy software, and apply critical updates to an organization. Users can work as efficiently as possible with a secure and manageable environment. The organization will minimizing their administration time, increasing the productivity of users to support the investment in technology upgrades, reducing the burden of IT administration, improving fault tolerance to minimize downtime, enhancing security, and leveraging the capabilities of Active Directory-enabled applications.

Active Directory provides the best functionality organizations need to run their businesses, by improving the functionality of their network for efficiency and business effectiveness.

NameScape‘s mission is to bring peak proficiency to an organization’s Active Directory management with unique approach to employee directories.