SEO Step by Step Tips From TemplatePanic

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method to get visitors from search engine. It is a very important thing in internet marketing and blogging. Many people think that in order to get traffic from search engine you only need to submit your site or blog, and then you are done. Optimizing site for search engine is not only that. In fact, search engine optimization requires at least a modest time to be honestly flourished. Luckily, it’s an investment that rewards you generously when you know the actual right steps to do SEO. This is just a simple step by step SEO technique that you can follow for beginners.

Keyword selection
There are many good keyword suggestion tools available in the internet. Use wordtracker, google keyword tool or any other tools to get the right keywords.
Measure your rankings for the keyword you pick.

Page creation and optimization is the most important thing in search engine optimization. Proper placement keywords in Meta tags, headings, anchor text will make your website perfect for SEO.

Submit your site to sites who accept submission like blog list directories, free article submission, forum submission, press release submission and various other types of link submissions.

Traffic and Revenue Tracking is the other thing you should do because it is not only the rank you are after, but sales and more visitors.

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