Infrared Sauna

For many years people know that sweating is an effective way to cleanse the body. By sweating, the body is having a process of eliminating toxins. Sweating is a metabolism process that plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy body. In this modern life, sauna has becoming a lifestyle to keep our body healthy because people want to improve health and relaxing as well.

When I was a member of a local fitness center I often used the sauna facility. It helped me in reducing pain and headaches.

What I found in the internet, in Green Infrared Sauna was different kind of sauna that became more popular nowadays. It is different with traditional sauna which you need to warm up the air by using steam and rocks, this ‘infrared sauna’ heats approximately 20% of the surrounding air, and the remaining 80% is converted to heat within the body. Infrared sauna doesn’t use steam or humidity so the people who use this can breathe easier.

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