World of Warcraft Character

One more time I have the opportunity to post about this favorite game of mine, World of Warcraft. It is not because of World of Warcraft is the best and the largest MMORPG at this time, but it’s because I personally still actively play this game, even the previous popular titles from Blizzard, Warcraft III with the two expansion set called The Frozen Throne and the Reign of Chaos, I still like them until now.

This time I again present you a header image for World of Warcraft blog template I provide to you last time. For those of you who already download it, you can download this header too and change the header with this one. It is fun or you if you have a blog related to World of Warcraft.

The World of Warcraft is an RPG which takes you to the amazing world of Azeroth. This is the largest virtual world ever created in a game. In this world you can explore through deserts, mountains, forests, water, market and more. There are of course transportation animals like horses and gryphons that can help you travel.

The 3D environment that Blizzard presented is great. It makes it possible to create different character every time. The variation is almost unlimited so you don’t see twins character like what happen in other games. The detail of 3D combination of eyes, textures, faces, size, weight, coloring and others make every character unique.

If you are interested to play and want a ready-to-go character, you can also buy cheap wow accounts that available for sale.

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