What is an Affiliate Marketing?

The word affiliate, for those who has been a user of internet might be already become a familiar word. Affiliate marketing basically is a kind of promotion in the internet where a business is promoted or being published by another party (another website).

There are at least two sides in affiliate marketing. The merchant is the one who has the business or something to sell and need to be promoted. The affiliate, in the other side, is the one who own a website where the business will be promoted.

The concept of affiliate marketing is, the merchant will pay the affiliate marketer when the certain goal is accomplished. The goal can be anything. For example: leads generation, getting conversions, getting feedback, accumulating data or anything at all.

By doing this it brings a lot of benefits both for advertiser (merchant) and the affiliate marketer. For merchants this is reduces the amount of investment for promotion purpose. This is also giving more return of investment.

In the other hand, it is good for money making for the affiliate. There is no investment or cost involved. The only thing affiliate marketers need is traffic, and managing the traffic.

Nowadays there are many different kinds of affiliate marketing. If you see “Clickbooth Affiliate Network”:http://www.clickbooth.com, it is also an example of well developed affiliate marketing site.