What Do You Know About Project Management Software

templatepanic - managing project with project management softwareWhen a company or project has to deal with the complexity usually software is needed. A term that covering many types of software that doing such things like scheduling, cost control and budget management, resource allocation, collaboration software, communication, quality management and documentation or administration systems is called a project management software. There are many companies developing project management software out there, each of them has its own advantages they offered.

BQE Software Inc. is a company that develops such software as far as I know. The name of this project management software is BillQuick. It has all of the requirements in managing a project and time billing like web base time tracking and human resources. This software is being developed consistently got many features improved. The latest development called BillQuick 2009. This is just an overview about what is new in this software.

If you are user of BillQuick software you will know what the improvements of the new version. Basically there are three main things; New Dashboard, File linking and Built-in report customization.

The nice thing about BillQuick is, this company also give a 30 days free trial so user can experience the software and learn about many advantages of this software.

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