Web Design – Designing an Appealing Header

templatepanic blog header image sample hemisphere student tour

I have been working as a web designer and blog template maker for a long time. The most common elements of blog or web site are header, navigation menu, sidebars for placing ads and other links and footer. Among those web elements, what I think is the most important is the website header.

One main thing to be kept in mind when designing a website is to know the purpose of the website. A website without a clear purpose can become incoherent so quickly. As some of you may be already know that I also consistently make blog header for many topics. One of the reasons is because website header is the most important graphic element in a website.

A website header is the first thing that the visitors see when they land up in the website. Usually headers are images that cover the top of the page width. That’s why the graphic of the header is important. It has to be represents what the website is all about.

Let’s see the sample that I found interesting from this hemispheretravel website. It is a student travel service website. This is an educational tour company, that specializing in domestic student tour and also international tour. With a simple content that point out directly to the point, it has a very relevant header and representative colors too.

So, pay a big attention to your blog header images.