Visiting JFK Airport Hotels

Going to and from the JFK airport is made easy by the different transportation modes that are connected to the surrounding hotels. The hotels near JFK provide easy access to the airport by three modes: hotel shuttles, taxi rides and public transportation.
Many hotels around JFK offer a airport shuttle via their private  hotel shuttles from the curb at the gate. The fee for hotel shuttle transfers is usually included in the hotel stay package. Riding the hotel shuttles is the most convenient way to go to JFK airport because it will directly pick you up at the hotel and drop you at the shuttle station of the airport.
There are taxis that provide easy access to many JFK airport hotels. There are hotels that are one mile away from the airport, while there are hotels that are 15 miles or so from JFK airport (Manhattan area). Therefore, your choice between taxi or the subway depends on the distance between the JFK airport and your chosen hotel.
There are JFK airport hotels that are near the two public transportation modes – the New York subway and the Long Island Railroad (LIRR). With these two, you can also access different places and visit tourist spots other than New York malls and avenues.

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