Using Mobile Broadband To Access the Internet

Yesterday I decided to use mobile broadband to access the internet. Mobile or 3G broadband allows mobile access to the internet from USB modem or data card to your notebook. 3G is the third generation of mobile technology. With 3G, you are allowed to browse the internet pages and download content without being restricted to a fixed line broadband. If you are often on use your notebook wherever you are, even when you are away from home, this technology is a perfect choice. You don’t need to have a fixed phone line to access the internet.

If you are not using mobile broadband service, you can still use the mobile internet if there is WiFi connection near you and your notebook has WiFi hotspots. But the cost is relative expensive. Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) mobile broadband tariffs is an excellent option if you like the flexibility and you do not download that much, or you just need the internet access for limited time. This PAYG tarrifs are common in mobile broadband packages.

It is highly recommended to doing research if you want to sign up to any mobile broadband package. Make sure that the provider has coverage in your area. Check carefully the price list and term of contract. I recommend you to check the on going Mobile Broadband Genie to check updated list of providers, with package details and compare prices between them.