Think Different Apple Header Image

If you are the Apple computers fan like me, you probably have a blog related to Apple products, whether it is Apple Ipods, I-Mac or I-Phone. I named this template “Think Different” according to the slogan that Apple corporation had several years ago. This slogan for me is a very good slogan. It is simple, only two words but yet it is brilliant slogan on my opinion.

I also use apple computer and Apple Ipod for work and entertainment. They are cool machines. One of the product that t I most excited from Apple products is Ipod mini. It was the first released in 2004. With few interesting color selection (silver, gold, blue, pink and green) it was the coolest movable audio player that time.

iPod mini was not staying in the market for so long. With the growing of the iPod family, Ipod mini is not available in the market anymore, now there is iPod nano with a far much better feature.

I present this header image for your WordPress or Blogspot blog with the size 1200 x 250 pixels. Hopefully you can use it. Another size if you want is also available by request. Just post comment in the comment box with your email. Any request will be followed up.