The Importance of Branding

In designing graphics for companies, often time a designer has to deal with branding. It is unavoidable that a brand is an important thing to think about in the graphic design. Branding itself needs strategy. So, what is the strategy?

Definition of strategy is the way you take to obtain the goals. In the world which now full of competition today, the goal is most likely the same for most companies. The goal is that the consumer will prefer you than the other competitors. It can be achieved by differentiation. Differentiation here means doing something different than the competitors or doing things in a markedly dissimilar manner.

One differentiation can be done is promotional activities, like making a big sale. The circumstantial differentiation consists of things like a historical monopoly, or some kind of personal connection between the consumer and someone in the firm. But the differentiation that is really strategic is the one which last longer.

Differentiation is absolutely necessary. The good example of this is Nokia. They decided to treat cell-phones as accessories, as fashion and as an entertainment device. It makes Nokia different than the others.

It is true that to make the differences in order to make the company or the product, even your website well-branded, you need to do a brain storming. Branding strategy is a part of graphic design too. I am Teddy Siswanto, writing for TemplatePanic the web design blog and blog templates provider.