The Color Effect of Logo Design

When I made the TemplatePanic logo, I did a little research about the color and had a pretty long discussion about choosing the color. Actually color selection is important. Believe or not it relates with the consumers. In fact, marketing experts has done very detail research about how color’s big role in forming people’s perception of products and logos.

When a human see colors, it affects him on a subliminal level. We as a human being is somehow having a different reactions to different colors. That is why in choosing color for your logo or product packaging you need to be selective.

Here, it is the basic psychology of colors. This table is only an introduction and does not talk about mixing and matching those colors. It is not talking about negative perception either. Hopefully it can help you.

BLACK: Mystery, secrecy, tradition.
BLUE: Power, calmness, success, trustworthiness.
BROWN: Earth and nature, simplicity, seriousness.
GREEN: Harmony, health and healing, nature and animals, money.
ORANGE: Affordability, fun, youth, creativity, celebration.
PURPLE: Fantasy and dreams, justice, royalty.
RED:Excitement, action, adventure, love, passion, food.
WHITE: Simplicity, cleanliness, innocence.
YELLOW: Cheerfulness, playfulness, curiosity, amusement.

Don’t forget that your company logo is the most important element in the company. It appears the most frequent and repeatedly. It is shown on your letterhead, website, business cards and products. Even if you want Custom Logo Design service, you need to consider about the color psychology.